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aesthetic and process-stable
water and wastewater purification

Since 1993, we have been designing, building and servicing constructed wetlands, natural swimming pools and rainwater treatment plants. With our interdisciplinary team, we create unique wastewater solutions with reliably high purification performance. On top of that our systems beautify the settlement. As a result, water can once again be experienced in its full meaning and municipalities save considerable costs on the sewer network.

Constructed wetlands

Constructed wetlands reliably and cost-effectively treat commercial and domestic wastewater, both in combined and separate sewage networks. Our oldest plant shows no loss of treatment performance even after 30 years of trouble-free operation. On clay buildings, planted soil filters can even serve as energy-saving air conditioning.

constructed wetlands
for municipalities

constructed wetlands
for private operators

constructed wetlands
for industrial wastewater

Natural swimming pools

Water mint instead of chlorine smell

Outdoor pools with biological water treatment offer healthy enjoyment for all the senses and provide island biotopes for endangered species. Planted gravel filters and regeneration ponds keep the bathing water hygienically clean with little technical effort.
Contact us! We produce creative designs for your city or municipality.

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blue-green-grey infrastructures

Whether at the property level or in the city – on a small or large scale, we design individual nature-oriented concepts for dealing with rainwater. Functionality and experienceability are equally in focus for us as closing cycles of matter and utilizing the resource water in a holistic way.

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Ecological air conditioning

Constructed wetlands keep it cool

Air conditioning for houses and wastewater treatment combined: Adapted to the individual needs of our customers, pre-treated wastewater is spread on a green roof via an irrigation system, so that evapotranspiration cools down the building.

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