Our constructed wetlands

have purified sewage from numerous households since 1993. This purification often takes place electroless (i.e. without using any power) or by means of a small submersible pump. All of our constructions still function properly and deliver the desired clarification performance. In fact, they purify wastewater much more efficient than required by law. Regarding the constructed wetland’s performance, we offer our clients a five-year warranty. However, on the basis of numerous references, we can proof that they will most likely still function after decades.

If you want to know about constructed wetlands in your region, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also check our reference list. We will be able to give you the name of their proprietors or how to get in touch with them.

Constructed wetlands in the summertime

Constructed wetlands in the wintertime

Sewage treatment plants purge and treat sewage close to nature as well as inexpensively and reliably. In Germany, these sewage works are predominantly used in rural areas. However, other countries rely on subtle water treatment plants even in urban regions. One of the main advantages of these ecological systems and technologies are their low-maintenance and process stability.

Constructed wetland next to a dwelling house

Urban purification plants in Shanghai

We plan our wetlands according to three principles:

  1. Efficient and reliable sewage purification
  2. Individual adaptation to the respective location and situation
  3. Aesthetic and ecological enrichment of the outdoor facility and its surroundings

A constructed wetland as an asset for your lawn, your hotel complex, your resort:

For us, constructed wetlands can always be used as design elements to embellish outdoor facilities. In addition to their purpose of purifying sewage, they can also fulfil other functions, such as being a visual cover when they are narrow and elongated or a decoration of a garden or a park once they are planted attractively.

Please send us your project if you would like to have a quick sketch of a variant form of natural wastewater treatment that most likely did not come to your mind yet.

A constructed wetland – An attractive and decorative element, Oficina Valle Tucán, Paraguay

Sewage purification, Yangshan Deep Water Port, Shanghai