Do-it-yourself Project

Swimming pond in Senden, North-Rhine Westfalia

Swimming pond in Essaouira, Morocco

Each of our swimming ponds is planned individually and tailored to the client’s wishes. You outline your idea and quote a price. Afterwards, we plan your personal swimming pond. On this basis, you will receive a first draft, an estimate of the costs and a tender for the do-it-yourself assembly kit.

This kit includes the planning together with comprehensive and encompassing details, the delivery of basic materials and, if desired, specific installation services. Hence, the swimming pond can be built of one’s own accord or in collaboration with a local construction enterprise.


We recommend PE (PolyEthylen)- or FPO (Flexible PolyOlefines)-film for sealing the ponds. The foils are laid on site and are thermally fused (i.e. welded). However, we do not seal the pond on our own but we will advise you to contact a local company which has been chosen by us and has specialised in the chosen film. Abroad, we usually use waterproofing consisting of concrete or mud in order to construct swimming ponds.

This swimming pond in Morocco was concreted and sealed by mud

The PE-film (1.5mm thick) is welded on site

PE-foil, which was already fused by a plant, is folded into the correct shape

FPO-foil (1.2mm thick), reinforced, is brought into shape


In the context of the do-it-yourself building kit, we deliver pre-assembled pump shafts, drainage chambers or the tried and tested Savio-Skimmerfilter.

A fully assembled pump and all stopcocks

The Savio pond filter is a robust, functional and durable product

The drainage chamber is installed into the ground

Flora and Fauna

If you decide to acquire a swimming pond, you must know that you share it with other living beings. Usually, the visitors arrive rapidly and constitute an essential element of the swimming pond and its ecosystem.

The smooth newt is already found in the swimming pond in March

The edible frog emerges in May and croaks vociferously