Hot summer day at the pool

Cold winter day at the pool

Our constructed swimming ponds are an attractive addition to your lawn and are enriching your garden throughout the year. They offer you maximum bathing pleasure and provide a natural habitat for flora and fauna.

Each of our swimming ponds is planned individually and tailored to your every need. Please contact us, outline your business concept briefly and request our offer!

There is no minimum size for swimming ponds and even a small pool can be equipped with a near-natural water treatment system. However, the pool should have specific lengths and widths in order to be suitable for swimming. The following example demonstrates how we answered a client’s wishes who ordered that his guests can swim laps and are feeling comfortable at the facility.

The sun terrace is adjacent to the pool area

Entering the pool via wooden stairs

Shallow area laid with non-slip mats

Smooth transitions between land and water


A good water quality in the swimming pond can only be assured if there is a sufficient and constant circulation of the water in the pool (basin hydraulics). An essential function of the circulation is to remove contaminants in the water and subsequently, to treat the water biologically.

Usually, we recommend Savio pond skimmers (“Skimmerfilter“) to proprietors of small ponds. This product proved to be the most reliable and robust filter in the market to date.
An installation of overflow edges is particularly recommended for larger swimming pools. They are arranged in a specific manner, so that the water can flow smoothly out of the basin, carrying dirt (e.g. leaves) out of the pool.

We make use of soil filters for the purpose of treating the water biologically. They are filled with a particular substrate. This substrate binds phosphate and on the surface, a so-called biological film, consisting of microorganisms which remove toxic substances and nutrients from the water, begins to form. The soil filter is planted with indigenous vegetation which in turn keeps the soil filter permeable and takes out nutrients from the water.