Roof-mounted Purification Plants – “Climate Roofs”

The luxuriant vegetation protects the house from heat radiation, thus insulating it

The vegetation area totaling 200m2 treats the wastewater of the surrounding plants

In association with the architect Prof. Dr. Eng. Gernot Minke, we invented the idea of roof-mounted wetlands for an earth mound building. The wastewater of the household is pre-treated in a septic tank and then transported to the roof. There, the water is drained into a drainage layer and finally reaches the root area of the nearby plants. Because of the nutritious sewage, a dense vegetation developed and covered the dry soil. In the past, the whole wastewater was absorbed by the vegetation.

Based on the vegetation and the cooling effect of the wastewater, the system had a positive impact on the climate in the building. Even in the summertime in Paraguay, the rooms do not have to be air-conditioned. Furthermore, there is no frost in these climes and therefore, the climate does not influence the wetland’s purification efficiency.

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Installation of the distribution pipes

The “Casa Hobbit” shortly after the completion of the construction, Valle Tucán, Paraguay