Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

With the aid of constructed wetlands, heavily polluted sewage can be purified. This wastewater accumulates, for example, in cheese dairies, abattoirs or in other branches of the food industry. Also in the case of enterprises that produce seasonally fluctuating quantities of wastewater, such as during the production of asparagus and strawberries, we dimension the suitable and convenient wetland.

Poultry slaughterhouse in Paraguay, their constructed wetland purifies 400,000 litres of sewage a day

Catering company & equestrian farm, amount of wastewater varies greatly

Biogas plants, composting plants or other large agricultural enterprises and companies, where highly contaminated surface water accumulates, can also greatly benefit from a constructed wetland. Rather than collecting the surface water and strewing it onto the field, it can be far more economic to clean and drain it. We design, plan and construct wetlands that purify loaded surface water.

The surface water of this composting facility is purified by a constructed wetland

A constructed wetland clarifies the surface water of a biogas plant, Bad Rappenau, Germany

We have also had positive experiences with the purification of leachate from landfills or of the effluent of the mining industry by means of planted soil filters.

Purification of seepage water, former landfill in the county of Tuttlingen, Germany

Purification of leachate from a landfill, experimental set-up for dimensioning a wetland