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Constructed wetlands are mainly small sewage treatment plants. Normally, they have a sewage volume of up to 8000 l a day. Apart from our constructed wetlands, there is a variety of technical wastewater treatment plants on the market. Many vendors of these technical purification plants call their enclosures “ecological”, “cost-effective”, even “sustainable”. Some of them reduce their power consumption by up to 25 percent. Others develop applications which report incidents to the proprietor’s smartphone.

Regarding this, would it not then be better to choose a small sewage treatment plant that does not require any electronic components and does not consume any electricity?

During the certification course for the maintenance of the small purification plants, 60 percent of the course is used in order to detect technical problems, to interpret them and to resolve them.

Concerning this matter, would it not then be better to choose a constructed wetland that is not affected by any technical faults?

A constructed wetland is a sustainable and reliable investment

Wastewater samples of the intake and the drain

Constructed Wetlands – Reliable from the very first Day of Installation!

  • No power consumption
  • No technical faults
  • No malfunctions
  • No repairs
  • No spare parts, but having an outstanding cleaning performance

This is what we call sustainability.

We increasingly experience that when the permissions related to water law of our constructed wetlands expire after 15 years, the lower water authorities renew the permissions for another 15 years without any objection.

The Constructed wetland Bender has been in operation since 1993 without any complaints or problems

Near-natural sewage purification since 1996, reliable and without any electricity costs