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Seedorf-Elay, Canton of Berne 2012

In the Swiss Jura Mountains, at 1,100 metres above sea level, a constructed wetland purifies wastewater from a gastronomy. Because of the topography of the mountains, the sewage treatment plant is divided into two basins. It works without any electricity.

Construction of a wetland at 1,100m above sea level

The wastewater is locally purified and clean water is drained off into the environment

Gurtnellen, Canton of Uri, 2005

On behalf of the Canton Uri, Janisch & Schulz conducts a study on the variants of near-natural wastewater disposal in the territory of Arni.

Birmenstorf, Canton of Aargau, 2005

Approval planning of a constructed wetland, 25 PE, purification of wastewater arising from an agricultural holding (emphasis on olericulture [growing of vegetables])
Employer: Private, Agricultural Holding

Therwil, Canton of Basel (BL), 1999

Approval planning of a constructed wetland for 16 PE, purification of sewage arising from an agricultural holding (emphasis on growing of fruit)
Employer: Private, Agricultural Holding