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Finca El Refugio: Restaurant & Pension, Tenerife

The “Refugio” is situated in the south of Tenerife at 940 metres above the sea level. From up there, one has a wonderful view of the coast. The owners of the guesthouse, Carmen & André, decided not to discharge the water into the nearby river Barranco. They instructed us to build a sewage treatment plant.
Prior to the construction, the building owners assembled the septic tank/sludge feeder, the intake as well as the drain shaft and excavated the ground basin. During the filter installation, a staff member of Janisch & Schulz was in attendance.

Construction of a wetland high above the sea level

The purified water is collected in a cistern and is later used for watering the lawn

A slope enabled us to construct a wetland which does not consume any electricity. The sewage flows through a multi-chambered septic tank, a slug feeder shaft and the planted soil. After that, the purified water is collected in a basin and finally used for irrigating the grounds.

Señora Maria Paz in El Médano, Tenerife

We frequently meet people who behave on the basis of moral convictions rather than governmental requests. Señora Maria Paz is a telling example: She lives in the middle of the small town El Médano in the south of Tenerife. Even though there is no such thing as a sewer, she is purifying her wastewater by means of a constructed wetland and uses the treated water to irrigate her garden.

A small soil filter treats the wastewater on the estate of Señora Maria Paz, El Médano, Tenerife

The purified water is collected and used for irrigation purposes