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The engineering company Janisch & Schulz Co. Ltd. has been represented in Paraguay by our own subsidiaries since 2012.
Through the construction of the first wetlands, we were able to demonstrate the purification efficiency of our plants strikingly. By selecting special and domestic plants, you can significantly embellish your lawn or your outdoor area and purify wastewater at the same time.

Directly after the commissioning of a constructed wetland, Oficina Valle Tucán

A luxuriant vegetation in the 1st year of operation

Frigoríficó Frigo Mas in Limpio

In 2004, we constructed a wetland for a slaughterhouse in the city of Limpio, near Asunción. The building took a long time. Apart from the excavation of the soil, the planted bed surface area of 2,000 square metres had to be filled by hand.

The unforgettable Gerhard Dyck takes command of the foil feeding in Paraguay

Filling the 2,000m2 filter area with the help of 20 workers and five wheelbarrows

Cheese Dairy Wastewater

At a cheese factory in the city Minga Guazu, one of our constructed wetlands purifies about 20,000 litres of sewage every day.

Purification of cheese dairy wastewater near Ciudad Del Este

Constructed wetland after the building was completed

Frigoríficó Molinos Don Juan

In the small town Itá, we have installed a planted soil filter. In a poultry slaughterhouse, the filters clean 400,000 litres of sewage per day.

The purification process of a subtropical sewage treatment plant is much more efficient than the mid-European equivalent

The warm climate, as well as the nutritious wastewater, generate that the plants grow rapidly by organic means