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The westernmost city of Mongolia, Ölgii city, counts about 30,000 inhabitants.

The rivers are sacred to the nomads in Mongolia. Normally, they would try not to pollute them, no matter what.

Unfortunately, this nomadic tradition does not apply to the cities in Mongolia. Usually, sewage treatment plants do not even exist in the Mongolian cities – including the city of Ölgii. Nowadays, only ruins of old purification plants are left.

The wastewater treatment plant in Ölgii, which has once been sponsored by the Soviet Union, lies in ruins now. The engineering company Janisch & Schulz has suggested the construction of a lagoon with a downstream soil filter to the council of Bajan Ulgij Aimak in order to purify the wastewater and to keep their rivers clean.

The untreated wastewater seeps away into the Mongolian subsoil

Sewage treatment plant ruin in the Mongolian steppe