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Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Normally, wastewater treatment plants are no tourist attractions. But travelling all across Bolivia, my family had to visit one of them. This specific purification plant is renowned for its extensively covered pre-treatment ponds and the combustion of biogas.

In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, we were warmly welcomed by Lic. César Flores, the person in authority of the SAGUAPAC for the public relations work.
We were lucky and César had plenty of time to guide us. Luck? My children could hardly believe their luck.
However, it turned out to be an exciting trip in the end.

Muchas gracias César
Un abrazo
Jörg Janisch

César Flores explains how the Huber Rotamat Rechen removes coarse material from the wastewater

The pre-treatment ponds are covered with 1,5mm thick foils, the gas accumulates under the sealing

The biogas is combusted, SAGUAPAC focuses on minimising CO2 emissions and odours

Vast lagoons enable the aerobic biological cleaning of the wastewater, wind-driven overturning cells circulate the water

20 million cubic metres of sewage are purified in the lagoons each year

In the post-treatment ponds, one can catch sight of waterfowls, caymans and huge herds of capybaras/carpinchos