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Fundación Villa Champaqui

The Fundación Villa Champaqui is a well-conducted retirement home in Villa General Belgrano in the province of Cordoba.
Hartmut Vogel, the head of the institution, knew the near-natural purification plants from his earlier professional career. Thus, he contacted us and placed an order with Janisch & Schulz.

The facility has been operating since 2005. It does not consume any electricity as the wastewater flows through the whole treatment plant in a gradual free flow. The discharging limits have always been achieved.

Construction of the soil filter, the existing septic tanks of a former plant could be reused

The inhabitants of the old people’s home Fundación Champaqui visit their natural wastewater treatment plant

Hostel El Rincón

The hostel “El Rincón” near Cordobá has treated its sewage naturally since 2006. The vertical-flow soil filter is designed for the wastewater of 30 inhabitants. The wastewater is transported by gravity – maintenance-free and economic. Therefore, the plant does not require a power supply and thus, minimal maintenance is demanded.
The wastewater in the constructed wetland is clear and odourless. It is collected in a cistern and used for watering the numerous lawns. The analysis of the discharge values COD and BOD show excellent results.

The hostel El Rincon

The constructed wetland shortly after being commissioned