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Albania is still one of the few unknown territories in Europe. Fortunately, we got to know the country occupationally as well as privately. Especially the (mostly) unspoiled nature and the hospitality of the Albanians were pretty impressive. The country is definitely worth a visit. This applies all the more if you travel with your own vehicle and visit the rural regions.

Janisch & Schulz has created many concepts for the wastewater purification close to nature, especially for hotels, villages and detached properties, mainly in the Ohrid Lake area. Some of them were implemented.

The Lake Ohrid is renowned for its exceptional fauna and is a pleasant holiday resort in the summertime

A resource worth protecting – Water as clear as crystal has its source in the Albanian karst

Albania-Draht, Voré

On the premises of the wire factory “Albania Draht” in Voré (located 30km westward of Tirana), a wetland was constructed for a population equivalent (P.E.) of 30. The wastewater treatment plant was built in 2002 by Janisch & Schulz.

A sewage treatment plant is constructed on the premises of the company “Albania-Draht”

The drainages are assembled