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Jörg Janisch (in the centre) and Paola Neubert (on the right side) together with the Paraguayan director Miguel Samudio (on the left side)

Christian Schulz in the United Arab Emirates at the invitation of the Kuwaiti Environment Protection Society, April 2011

The sustainable protection of our water resources only succeeds if we take all necessary and appropriate measures to purify the world’s sewage on a global scale.
Constructed wetlands will definitely contribute to the international protection of water resources. The indispensable materials needed for their construction are available in every single country throughout the world and no sophisticated technology is required. The planting of vegetation depends on the particular climate zone.
During operation, constructed wetlands are very robust and sturdy. A permanent maintenance can be achieved by local staff members.

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Water pollution caused by untreated sewage is a worldwide problem

It becomes life-threatening when people have to drink dirty water