In order to realise the construction of a wetland, we offer various services. These include the ordinary engineering achievement, the turn-key construction or the do-it-yourself assembly kit (either with or without supervision).

Construction works on a wetland, Odensachsen, Germany

The constructed wetland was built on a turn-key basis

Planning & Site Management

In Germany, we perform the services for contracting entities, such as states and counties, in accordance with the HOAI. Prior to the construction, we offer feasibility analyses, calculations of costs and comparisons of variants, too.

With the help of the convenient tool, one can easily construct the filter structure of large wetlands.

Construction of a filter by means of a truck crane and a concrete skip

Complete Construction

Being a general contractor, we create plants, which are ready to use, at a fixed price.

Excavator, construction helpers, do-it-yourself assembly set, 1st day: excavation, 2nd day: filling

Self-built wetland, Oranienbaum, Germany

Self-built Wetlands

Our wetlands are usually constructed by our customers themselves (i.e. in cooperation with local dredging companies, contractors or a machinery ring/service).

We deliver the do-it-yourself building kit at a fixed price.
It comprises the planning documents, materials, such as the waterproofing membrane, manifolds, drainages and plants as well as slug feeders or a submersible pump. On the day of the installation, we are in attendance, perform specific services and give tangible advice to you. Due to this intense support, we can guarantee that your self-constructed wetland will be able to provide its optimum cleaning performance and efficiency at all times.

Exactly fitting fine planum, Alfdorf, Germany

A family constructing a wetland

Online Customer Services

In this case, the client acquires the planning documents and, optionally, a kit consisting of all the materials needed for the construction. However, you build your wetland on your own responsibility. Thus, in this instance, we give no guarantee for the functionality of the facility. Nevertheless, our team supports the customer via our online support system, advises the client and will give you further details. As a result, we are able to realise small constructed wetlands all over the world.

The inhabitants of Stallbaum are planting a constructed wetland, Bavaria, Germany

A self-constructed wetland and the site management, Hofgut Mauer, Korntal-Münchingen, Germany