Biogas from the Anaerobic Pre-treatment

Anaerobic pre-treatment ponds in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

The Firestone EPDM membranes are highly flexible and the ideal gas stores

In tropical and subtropical climate zones, the exploitation of biogas can be economically viable. An average annual temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius and organic contaminant loads provide the best prospect for methane-production through microorganisms to occur.
In order to collect the biogas, the lagoons are covered by a gas-proof foil. After that, the biogas is treated by a technical method, so that it can be utilised for heating. The process is suitable for replacing firewood, oil or diesel.

The desired side effect: The organic pollutants are reduced and decomposed by the microbial degradation process and the sedimentation.

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In Paraguay, Paola Neubert obtains biogas from a biodigestor and turns organic waste into gas for cooking.
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The decomposed material, which passed through the reactor, is collected and can be used as a fertiliser

Biodigestor with a big filling opening, a gas collector and a drain

By combusting the biogas of the pre-treatment, one reduces the odour and CO2 emissions

The energy is generated from kitchen refuse as well as dung and provides electric power for the household