The natural pool in Sinntal Altengronau, County of Main-Kinzig, Germany

The natural pool in Hohenfels Kalkofen, County of Stockach, Germany

Whatever good things we build end up building us. We also favour specific design elements that we use frequently when we construct natural pools.

On the one hand, some elements have proved themselves in practice and have been improved. For instance, the waterslide, the wooden bridge, the access ladders, the handholds or the overflow gutter made of stainless steel. Based on our plans, these are design elements which can be manufactured by local craftsmen.

On the other hand, we plan in depth with numerous innovative details that we enjoy, such as gentle, curved shore lines, embedded vegetation zones or local, natural stones in order to build diving rocks, sitting accommodations or slope reinforcements.

Smooth Transitions – Organically Designed

Elegantly curved swimming pool shores, imbedded vegetation areas and natural stones serving as a seat

Smooth transitions, organically designed by ourselves

A little pebbly beach, an access for wheelchair users, a staircase with stainless steel banister, a vegetation area

Smooth transitions from land to water

The Slightly Different Waterslide

The main frame of the waterslide is made up of concrete and then covered with a specific foil

The water circulation of the pool ensures that the waterslide remains slippery

We like to design the natural pool with regional natural stones

Even a few metres are sufficient so that the children are crazy about the slide

Gestalten mit regionalen Natursteinen

A waterslide with a banked curve – Natural blocks of stone hold the slope together and secure the edges of the slide

Local red sandstones are used to design the pool, Spessart, Hesse, Germany

The platform is made up of wood and stainless steel, the basis of the diving rock is made up of natural stones

A stately diving rock – 3.40 metres high and consisting of basaltic tuff

Proven Features

The stainless steel channels are planned by Janisch & Schulz and manufactured as well as assembled by a local metal worker

Handrail and fixture composed of stainless steel

Duschtassen aus Natursteinmosaik, stolperfreie Übergänge zwischen Rasen, Natursteine und Holzdeck

An infant pool made up of cobblestones and a fountain spouting water (elephant)