Infinity Pools

Situated on a slope or on a hillside, an infinity pool is particularly impressive

An infinite water surface – Depending on the perspective

The water surface of an infinity pool is apparently leading to nowhere, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Through the sudden edge of the water surface, one gets the impression that the surface of the water would be boundless (i.e. infinite). This infinity effect is especially impressive if the water and the horizon merge into one. But if you see the pool from a different perspective, you will notice that the water, which spilled over, is collected and returned to the system.

Spectacular and attractive pool complexes can be designed by this method, which is why it is pretty hard to style them. Another advantage is that floating leaves and pieces of dirt can be removed from the pool and can be transported past the tear-off edge. Thus, this technique is far more efficient and effective than the pond filter. Unfortunately, this design is slightly more expensive as well because the pool has need of an external water reservoir and requires structural and architectural detailing.

We plan infinity pools with a near-natural or technical water clarification system. Please contact us – we will submit an offer for free.

Because of the vanishing and disappearing edge, the water keeps on being circulated

We also plan negative edge pools with a near-natural and conventional water purification system